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Hot Tubs

Hot tub with a great view

2-4 Person Hot Tubs

Want your own personal backyard oasis? You can have that with our personal size hot tubs.

These smaller hot tubs are perfect for just you and the occasional visitor and are sized to fit in almost any area. Most hot tubs in this size have one pump and run on 110V and thus can be plugged into an existing outlet.


4-6 Person Hot Tubs

This size of hot tub is 7ft by 7ft or slightly smaller. This is the perfect size hot tub for many families and couples. A hot tub of this size allows you to stretch out and to try different seats and the different massages available. Hot tubs of this size are almost always 220V to accommodate a larger heater and typically have 2 or more pumps.

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6+ Person Hot Tubs

These hot tubs are normally 8ft. by 8ft., but can be larger. A hot tub this size handles large families and all of your friends who will come to your house often now that you have a hot tub.

These large hot tubs have plenty of room to stretch out and are ideal for tall people. These big hot tubs have at least 2 pumps and some can have four or five pumps.