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Built-in Grill Components

14 different brands to choose from, imported and American made, for all budgets and all applications from residential to commercial outdoor kitchens. We have built in grills that run on gas, charcoal, pellets and a grill that will run on all of these fuels combined.  Along with grills we have all the accessories needed. Side burners, griddles, refrigerators, doors, drawers and even paper towel holders. We have accessories to add to your outdoor kitchen that you have not even thought of yet. We have an extensive display of grills, accessories and completed outdoor kitchens for you to see at each of our locations.


Complete Outdoor Kitchens

We build complete outdoor kitchens ready for delivery to your backyard. No lengthy construction mess, you are cooking the day we deliver. We build our outdoor kitchens locally and can accommodate any shape or size desired. With our extensive assortment of grill equipment, we can meet any cost or gourmet need you may have for your outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens are a permanent part of thousands of backyards in Northern California. Let us show you just how easy it is to have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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Gas Grills

The most widely used fuel system, gas grills allow convenience and flexibility in one easy to use grill. We have gas grills that operate with either propane or natural gas. Some models from Weber and Napoleon feature rotisserie burners, searing burners, and inside/outside lights. All of our gas grills are designed with reliability as the number one feature and spare parts are readily available. We have many accessories to use with your gas grill such as stir fry baskets, skewers and charcoal inserts. We invite you to come into one of our stores to see our gas grills up close.


Charcoal/Pellet Grills

We carry pellet and charcoal grills for natural fuel cooking. Green Mountain Grills offers the best features/price/benefit ratio there is for pellet grills and Weber’s charcoal grills have a reputation for long lasting performance. We also offer a large selection of pellets, charcoal, wood chunks and wood chips for fueling your grill.