Silver Tip LED


The Silver Tip has a distinct, 2-dimensional needle/branch that is native to Northern California. This is a full and wide tree that consists of over 75% injection molded PE (polyethylene) needles. This means higher quality needles that last longer and give the tree a more realistic appearance. The Silver Tip comes equipped with 8-function white or multi-colored LED lights (programmable) Lights utilize the quick-set pole connection, meaning all electrical runs through the center pole and lights will connect as soon as the tree is assembled. Available sizes 6.5′ – 9′.

6.5′ | $599 | 3199 tips | 600 lights

7.5′ | $699 | 4151 tips | 800 lights

9′ | $949 | 5755 tips | 1100 lights


Tree structure is covered by a 15-year pro-rated warranty and all electrical components are covered for 2 years. Free tree bag included with purchase of new tree.