Woodline Shade Papillon


Price includes Papillon structure and fittings, acrylic roof canvas, 88 lb steel bases (2x), and canvas sidewall to provide additional shade.

Dimensions: 15′ Lx 10′ W x 6.7′ H


At heart the Papillon is the absolute socialite. Its dual post framework invites views and conversations to go on unobstructed in glorious shade and shelter day and night. This unique range of shade cannot help but bring an air of grandeur to its surroundings. It stands alone as the largest of all Woodline shade solutions and yet this extraordinary shade can easily be extended further by articulating two or more Papillon structures together either side by side with the use of an additional gutter to create one continuous awning or placed end to end extending the shaded area linearly. Fabric walls can be attached directly to the frame and awning to provide privacy and shelter from the wind.
  • The Papillon can accommodate seating for groups of 10 – 12 people.
  • Reduction gearbox for easy opening & closing
  • Rain gutter system when joining two Papillons
  • Papillon Rectangular Metal Base, designed for stability
  • Wind stabilizers folded down and locked
  • Protective Cover is Included